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Just a place holder photo.
Mid-cleaning. It’s clean now. There’s also more furniture.

These are odd photos because it’s an odd house I’ve taken odd photos of over the past couple years and I haven’t had a chance to shoot new pictures on a sunny day.

The house is tall. And skinny. It has a view of the sea you can see in the photo above across the meadow.

May I tell you a few things about my house? I do like to talk about it:

— First: it’s my home, and has been for a couple years. I travel a lot for work, and it’s too amazing to leave empty. Because it’s my home, it has everything you need, including comfortable furniture (though not exactly the furniture you see in some of the photos), fast wifi, all the kitchen gear a sane person could want.

— It’s super quiet here and that’s one of the coolest things about it. Because part of the experience for everybody out here is the quiet, I’m only looking to rent to quiet people because my neighbors are great and I value our relationship. There’s a stereo to enjoy, but please don’t crank it. It’s not that kind of place.

— It’s many-leveled but all open. Meaning, aside from the two bathrooms, it’s all one acoustic space. For me, this has mostly been a challenge around sleeping. If there’s a snorer, s/he will be heard by everybody. There’s also no place to tuck kids away while others stay up. For these reasons, I highly recommend that you only rent the place with people you’d consider sharing a hotel room with.

— It has a hot tub. It was here when I bought the place and I thought I’d never use it. Silly me. It’s pretty great in the evenings, sitting out looking at the stars and listening to the waves.

— For sleeping, it has one queen bed with a new mattress and a 6’+ couch. There was a hide-a-bed but . . . it was appalling to look at. The new one and its loveseat are much nicer to look at AND comfortable. Linen and towels for three provided.

— I wish it were otherwise, but the house isn’t super accessible. Access is down a short gravel trail. The last bit is steep enough that I wouldn’t recommend a wheelchair. Plus the house is many-layered with lots of stairs.

I’ll be adding more photos soon. Next week looks like it might have some sunbreaks. Finally.

Rates: $170/night + $75 cleaning fee. 2 night minimum. Three people maximum, but please see the note above about the lack of privacy within the house. Sorry, but no pets. Please use the form below to check availability. I’ll get a calendar in here soon, but it’s dinner time and I’m quite hungry.

Thanks for looking.


Elk in the meadow.
The perch.
Regular sunset.
A frosty February morning.
180 degree from the porch. That’s a hot tub in the left corner.


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